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Mr. Martin was recently booked for our corporate holiday party at the Toledo Museum of Art. He received raves reviews and numerous “kudos” from everyone that attended (we are still trying to figure out how he got a $1 bill into a lemon.) In addition, his stand-up comedy routine left us all in stitches. I met Mr. Martin at a restaurant in Toledo where he appears for kids’ night. Not only did my daughter find Mr. Martin to be funny and entertaining...I did too! He was friendly, funny and simply amazing with his mystical skills and hand tricks Due to his high level of professionalism and talent, I would recommend Mr. Andrew Martin for any company related function, both for adults and children.
Administrative Secretary, The Collaborative Inc., Toledo, OH
Carnival Magic
Andrew’s Martin’s own hybrid of strolling and stage magic. Unlike stage magic, Andrew remains very mobile with a portable mic system and mini-show. He will gather crowds of 20-30 people and entertain them for up to 20 minutes before moving on to another area and beginning again. Carnival Magic is perfect for those carnival like atmospheres where crowds of people mix about a large area with no set time for specific activities.

I’ve seen Andrew’s magic work for more than five years. He’s an excellent performer with a wide range of tricks and gags, he’s practical and considerate in any ocassion and he’s totally reliable. As a craftsman, he is diligent, imaginative and curious. I recommend him very highly as an artist and a showman.
John Hancock, Director of Concert Production and Grants, The Toledo Symphony

Merry Magic
Ring in the season with Andrew Martin’s hilarious holiday magic extravaganza. Designed for adults only, the magic is sophisticated and elegant, while the humor remains delightfully comic (and clean!) The show runs 45 minutes with several mystifying feats of awe and wonder beautifully choreographed to holiday music. This mesmerizing production will capture your heart an imagination. An unforgettable evening of magic, merriment and mirth!

It was our good fortune and privilege to have had Andrew entertain us this year for our corporation’s annual holiday party. Andrew is a truly gifted and talented man. He fascinated us with his extensive array of tricks and illusions and kept us all in stitches with his marvelous sense of humor! He was extremely accommodating and modeled his performance for our needs and circumstances. He entertained us for the entire evening. I would recommend Andrew to anyone who is looking for a top quality performance from a master at his trade. Toledo Vascular Institute, Toledo, OH
Fun & Fantasy Show
Andrew’s Fun & Fantasy Stand-Up Comedy Magic Show is perfect for summer events! Audience members are treated to 45 action packed minutes of hilarious and mind bending magical comedy capers In what has become his signature routine, Andrew relies heavily on audience participation as he blends music, magic and comedy into a mystical medley of mayhem! (Andrew provides his own sound system capable of handling large groups of 500 or more.)

Dear Andrew, On behalf of the entire COSI team and our visitors, I want to extend my thanks for your Magic Show you presented last weekend. Out COSI guests LOVED your presentations! Your COSI contact person for the day said you were wonderful and a definite “keeper!” Your show were very well attended (COSI’s biggest one day draw to date) and the audiences very responsive. Thanks for your participation at COSI Toledo. I hope we can work together in the future. Special Events Coordinator, COSI, Toledo, OH

Strolling Magic as Count Wakula
Great for Halloween gatherings where guests come and go at various times. Whether they arrive early or late, when The Count haunts the happenin’, no one misses out on Halloween’s spooky surprises!

Count Wakula has been entertaining us during our Halloween buffet every year for the past 5 years. He is always charming, mysterious and highly amusing. It wouldn’t be Halloween without him!
Sylvania Country Club
Dress Rehearsals
We recommend an after-dinner close-up show for dress rehearsals. Guests will remained seated while Andrew awes and inspires them with his world class sleight of hand.

Dear Andrew, Dinner was late, the food was burned, the guests were getting cranky and then you arrived! Thank heavens for small miracles. You turned around what otherwise was turning into a complete disaster and embarrassment for me. Your patience and good humor cast a “magical” spell on the evening and everyone said they had a tremendous time! You’re awesome. We are definitely going to have you at the reception! I now considerate it mandatory wedding insurance (hehe)! Catherine P. and (Henry too!)
Humorously geared toward the coming nuptials, Andrew’s Magic of Love stand-up show is an exciting and unique addition to your wedding shower. Just like your love the performance is funny and mysterious. Much of the show is beautifully choreographed to romantic music and includes Andrew’s original “hearts a’fire” illusion staring his special assistant - your bride to be! A Magical Act for a Magical Event!

Dear Melissa, Thanks for talking me into having Andrew’s magic “show” at Katie’s shower. I admit I was skeptical at first and thought it might be too “kiddie.” But it was just so perfect. Elegant, funny, romantic...Katie was just glowing when he presented her with the necklace from the fire! That was so much more fun and memorable than a typical shower full of silly games. Thanks again and we can’t wait to stop out and see Andrew again at the Olliver House! Sarah and Samuel

Love is Magic! Strolling, tableside magic with Andrew perfectly symbolizes the celebration of your love. Classy and unobtrusive, Andrew ensures a unique and mystifying experience for guests while they await the arrival of the wedding party or for dinner to be served. Magic is the perfect ice breaker for this often overlooked and awkward period, where two families come together for the first time. Your whole day should be one of ease, merriment and joy. Use Andrew’s skill and experience to help your guests relax and transition from the solemnity of the ceremony to the frivolity of the festivities!

Andrew what can I say! Thank you, thank you so much for making our special day so magical and memorable! Mark and I started hearing about you in the limo even before we arrived at the reception. I just knew our families would love it! Thanks so much for sharing this special day with us. Angela and Mark

Let it Snow! Let it Snow!
It’s holiday fun for everyone with Andrew’s fantastically funny family magic show. Party goers will be awed as the watch Andrew’s zany magic antics which include floating a silver sphere and creating a magical shower of show from a single snowflake. Performances are choreographed to current upbeat holiday tunes and can be either 30 or 40 minutes.

Count Wakula’s Funny Fest
Andrew Martin becomes Count Wakula “the wacky draky of magical mystification” and will tickle your funny bone with one ghoulish gag after the next in his charming Halloween magic show featuring a host of sight gags and non-scary Halloween flavored magical treats. This hauntingly hilarious show is perfect for family audiences of all ages

Dear Count Wakula, Thanks so much for sharing your spooky spirit with our kindergartners and their parents. It’s amazing how time and time again you delight and enchant both the students and the adults! Everything had just the right amount of Halloween flavor. Your tricks are truly the best treats of all!
Grove Patterson Academy, Toledo, OH
Strolling Holiday Magic
A powerful icebreaker and attention grabber, Andrew’s strolling and close-up magic is perfect for those times when your guests are just arriving and beginning to mix and mingle. Andrew will have them laughing together immediately! Choose an entire evening of holiday strolling, or use it as the perfect set-up for Andrew’s comedy magic stand-up performance.

Dear Andrew, I just had to say Thanks! so much for making our party such a success. I told my daughter all I want is for everyone to walk away saying they had a great time and they were glad they came. Well that certainly happened. It would have been just another “get together” without you. I admit, I hesitated having a magician, wondering if it would be more like a “kid’s party” but I would never hesitate again. I wanted something that would be fun for everyone and not offend anyone. You can see on the video at fist everyone is just sitting around talking -thinking of things to say, looking around for someone they know. The next part of the video is you performing and the people laughing and really getting involved in the act. A great time was had by all! I would highly recommend you!
Owner, Designing Women.