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We offer a number of special shows for Schools and Libraries. Giggles galore guaranteed.

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Mighty Sleighty Magic Enrichment
A 30 minute to one hour magic course which focuses on hands on, one on one instruction. Students will explore several magic effects and are taught to perform “impromptu” magic: magic with common everyday items. Typical ready-made plastic magic tricks are quickly lost or broken. The use of easily replaced impromptu items ensures that the skills and techniques mastered in Andrew’s class will last a lifetime. Students will take home their impromptu kits and an additional magic booklet. Classes are loaded with laughter and learning.

Dear Mr. Martin, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule for the magic class. I know you have a busy schedule because you had a show to do an hour late. I really enjoyed the class. My younger sister and others in the family enjoyed the tricks I learned there. The class was fun and it was fun to learn them, I came home after that class and made perfect balloon dog! Your class just made me more interested in magic. I’m hoping to see you at Ralphies soon. Thanks again. Sincerely, your fellow magician,
Alex (Devauex Jr. High)

Magic With Eli
Kindergartner and National Award Winner Eli Portala has set the magic world on fire with an astounding magical routine that encompasses silks, canes and even a girl production all while tap dancing to classic Broadway melodies. Students will be awed and inspired as they watch one of their own take command of the stage! For schools and festivals, Eli opens the show for his Dad Andrew Martin. Although he is only six years old, Eli is already a seasoned professional who has entertained at numerous charity events and schools, shot a television pilot, performed twice with the Toledo Symphony Orchestra, and headlined with magic stars from around the country!

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Dear Andrew, The students of Smith Road really enjoyed your recent performance of “Magic.” It was clear that you have much experience teaching to such audiences and certainly know how to keep them amazed! Your knowledge of magic, it’s history and the variety of tricks explained is quite impressive. Thank you for coming and for sharing this time with us. It was memorable for us all! Please keep us informed about other programs you offer.
Enrichment Cluster Leaders, Smith Road School, Bedford, MI
After Proms
Hands-on In Your Face Jaw-Dropping, Close-up Magic! Guaranteed to Awe even the shrewdest - most clever - most jaded- seen-it-all-before audience ever assembled in the history of human entertainment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Past After Proms include: Central Catholic • Erie Mason • Sylvania Northview • Napoleon • Morenci • Bowling Green • St. John’s • Fremont • Start • Ida • Evergreen • Archbold• many many more!

Hello Andrew, please please tell me your open for our AfterProm this year! You killed last year and the Seniors can’t wait to see the looks on the Junior’s faces when you blow their minds!
Bowling Green student AfterProm committee.
Awards Banquets
Blue and Gold banquets, honors banquets, sports banquets - you name it! Andrew will put together a magic show that will awe and inspire students of any age. For the high schoolers, Andrew mixes in some of the more sophisticated effects from his adult banquet show, “Dazed and Amazed.” Students will be pulled from the audience to participate on stage with Andrew creating an air of unpredictably and spontaneity that will keep students engaged and amused throughout the entire show. Magic effects are sophisticated and elegant while comedic riffs remain clean and age appropriate.

Dear Andrew, Just a note to say thanks for the awesome performance you gave for our golf team’s end of the year blow-out. I know it’s hard to win over a bunch of sophisticated teenagers, but you had them eating out of the palm of your hand! We’ll see you soon at the Maumee Bay Brewing Company. Thanks again! Linda H., (Ian’s mom)

Dear Mr. Martin, Boy Scout Pack 751 of Ottawa Lake, leaders and parents would like to thank you for you fun and mystifying performance at our recent Blue and Gold Banquet. Everyone really enjoyed it. The kids thought you were very funny. As leaders, we especially liked the way you handled the scouts; you kept control of the program (and the scouts) in a humorous but firm manner so that it made for an enjoyable time for everyone. Having an interactive show kept the kids interested as well as gave them the opportunity to become part of the show. At this age, watching “just a performer” on stage can sometimes be a strain for kids to sit through. We can honestly say you didn’t lose them once! Speaking for the adults in the audience, your magic was first rate and your comedy very funny. It was truly a good time for the entire family. Thank you so much for being a part of our Blue and Gold Banquet. Wishing you continued success in your magical career. Sincerely,
The Scouts and Leaders of Pack 751

Let it Snow! Holiday Show
Holiday Hilarity Guaranteed!
Celebrate the wonder of the season with Andrew’s spicy and spirited Holiday show of wonders. Students and teachers alike will be inspired as they witness awe inducing magical effects including the levitation of a mystical sphere and creating a magical shower of snow from a single snowflake. The show is beautifully choreographed to holiday music.

Dear Mr. Martin, What a wonderful time we had when you performed at our Library! It was so nice of you to take the time to pose with the kids for photos and speak with them afterward. Thank you again for a great show! Toledo Heights Library

Count Wakula’s Funny Fest
The wacky draky of magical mystification will tickle your funny bone with one ghoulish gag after the next in this charming Halloween magic show featuring a host of sight gags and non-scary Halloween flavored magical treats. This hauntingly hilarious show is perfect for family audiences of all ages

Dear Count Wakula, Thanks so much for sharing your spooky spirit with our kindergartners and their parents. It’s amazing how time and time again you delight and enchant both the students and the adults! Everything had just the right amount of Halloween flavor. Your tricks are truly the best treats of all!
Grove Patterson Academy, Toledo, OH

Reading is Magic!
Help students discover the wonder and magic in books! This magical reading program emphasizes the fun and discovery children experience as they develop good reading habits and skills. You will see mystifying magic spells, the amazing transformation of a live bird into a bunny and watch as “Airhead Rudy” turns off the TV and tunes into reading!
Expectation: Imagination Stimulation

Dear Mr. Martin, Thank you for sharing your time and talent with the children during our summer reading program. Your act was “magically delightful”, a real hit with young and old alike. Everywhere you looked that day, children’s faces were wreathed with smiles and merriment. It was evident that your program was a smashing success. There is something about magic that delights the mind and heart. Your magic act was a wonderful end to our line-up of summer programs. Thanks again!
Oregon Branch Library, Oregon, OH

Fun & Fantasy
A delightful and lighthearted magic show great for rewards programs, field days, after proficiencies, or simply as a unique way to bring students and teachers together for laughter, joy and wonder. In what has become his signature routine, Andrew relies heavily on audience participation as he blends music, magic and comedy into a mystical medley of mayhem! This is the show students will talk about for years. When combined with the Mighty Sleighty Magic Enrichment Class, Andrew’s Fun & Fantasy program just may become the genesis for a new generation of merry merlins.
Giggles Galore Guaranteed!

Hi Andrew, I am so sorry I didn’t get a chance to come down after your second show and say thank you. You were awesome! I had a third grade class after the assembly and they were raving about you. The fifth graders had a blast in your enrichment classes. You are a pro! See you next year.
Librarian, Monteith Elementary School, Grosse Pointe, MI